the highway to hell.


Hungover. As usual.

Ahnna Pincher slides off of the now-beer-stained black leather couch, her satin red bustier sliding down even further. She groans aloud and looks around. Her home is a disastrous wreck, with red solo cups and vodka bottles littering every inch of furniture.

She’ll have to call Emery, the housekeeper, to clean it all up. Not unusual, considering that this kind of thing has become routine for Ahnna.

Ahnna shakily stands up, her feet wobbling in her six-inch black heels. Her black skirt has ridden up dangerously high, to the point where barely any skin is covered. Ahnna doesn’t care, however. She kicks off her heels and pads into the kitchen, which is even more of a mess. Half-smoked cigarettes and joints litter the island countertop, and the stench of alcohol is strong. She simply sighs and opens the fridge, grabbing an orange juice bottle and pouring herself a glass. She gulps it down greedily before taking a few Advil to cure her hangover.

Picking up her iPhone, Ahnna lazily dials her housekeeper.

“Emery? Can you come clean later today?” she casually requests.

Ahnna hears Emery sigh over the line. “You know, Ahnna, this behavior really has to stop. Whenever you even end up coming home – which is relatively rare – you’re always drunk or high. You’re seventeen years old, for god’s sake, and you’ve already been arrested and kicked out of three schools – in less than two years! You’re on a highway to hell, Ahnna.”

Ahnna simply rolls her eyes. “Anything else, Emery?”

Emery sighs defeatedly. “No. I’ll be over in two hours.”

“Thanks, Emery,” Ahnna replies breezily before hanging up the phone. She exits the kitchen and goes upstairs to her bedroom, grabbing some rolling paper and pot. Flopping back onto her bed, she rolls a joint and flicks open her lighter, carefully letting the flame lick the tip of her joint. She inhales deeply, letting the drug melt her brain and relax her.

Her phone rings again, but this time it’s not Emery.

“Hello?” Ahnna answers before taking another hit.


“Oh, hey Acacia,” Ahnna bites her lip. “What’s up?”

“Party at my place tonight. Ready to get fucked up again?”

Ahnna smirks. “Do you even need to ask?”


A preview of the newfound life of our little Ahnna Pincher. In the course of a year-and-a-half, Westchester’s most proper princess turned into one of the girls that your parents warn you about. She’s ditched the Ahnnabees, deeming them ‘stupid and immature’, and has turned to a life of sex, drugs, and hardcore partying. With her parents constantly out of the country for work, Ahnna spends her time hanging out with the ‘fast group’ of Westchester. Hopping from school to school, she never stays in one place for too long before being kicked out, whether it’s because she’s been arrested, caught drinking or smoking, or doing other unspeakable deeds.

Westchester’s Princess has fallen, and from the ashes has risen a Queen of Hell.

Will our little Ahnna be able to gather her life together before she completely falls apart? Or will she screw up so badly that the damage is irreparable?

Stay tuned to find out the rest of Ahnna’s story.


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